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ZX Spectrum Emulator 100% in language C


Aspectrum (Another SPECTRUM emulator), born by the need to develop an Emulator of Spectrum that must be able to survive in the time, due the reality of that almost all the existing ones are locked in the Intel x86 architecture.

So we have special care in making the porting of the emulator easy, and at the moment works in systems with MSDOS, Windows and Linux, with the version for MacOS-X in the way.

Also add the curiosity of the authors on the process to make an emulator.

The developers

Aspectrum is develop among anothers by:

Alvaro Alea, visits his Web about Aspectrum.

Santiago Romero, visits his Web about Aspectrum.

Ports to other plataforms

Several people has port Aspectrum to other plataforms, Some of the avalible are:

fZX32 - version for handheld GP32

zspectrum - version for handheld Tapwave Zodiac

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